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Chances are, you're paying more than you should for waste removal. On a scheduled service, your container is picked up whether it is full or not. And visually checking fullness, when possible, is not the answer. With a Waste Edge Monitor System you get an efficient trash manager on the job 24 hours a day. Waste Edge is a proven and patented, computerized trash compactor monitoring system that automatically and accurately determines when a container is ready for pickup.

Industry estimates indicate that 80% of trash compactor containers are less than full when they are picked up on a scheduled basis. If you are paying pick-up charges for full containers, but your containers are only partially full, you are wasting your money on waste removal.

Waste Edge compactor usage and security control systems are available in three models to meet your individual needs. From the Waste Edge 200 offering usage monitoring and on-site data retrieval, to the Waste Edge 300, offering the additional convenience of remote data retrieval, to the deluxe Waste Edge 400, offering the comprehensive ability to monitor fullness, in addition to remote functionality.

Trashpass TRASHPASS is an exciting new application of digital chip technology. A chip in a dime sized-container records usage and controls access to waste compactors. With TRASHPASS we offer a Debit System (like a toll road pass or bank debit card) that allows the cost of each use of a waste compactor to be deducted from a credit balance which is retained in the TRASHPASS. Tenants will appreciate the "touch and throw" efficiency and convenience of this trash disposal system. No ID numbers to remember, nothing to key in.

Use the new TRASHPASS with the Waste Edge automatic fullness system for the ultimate in profitable headache-free waste management.


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